Now let's talk about last Sunday, and this family thing
From the "oga" at the top, right to this big "head" that you see
With a faith that lives and wins, we are sure that God wins
And this saying manifests, truly in this GODWIN
He's worded and loaded; the walking Bible PIUS
No need to look too far, we've seen a teacher by us
And that's oga na papa; the man called the leader
Cool to chill with KELECHI; the man called the ladder
PROMISE no be Warri, but him no dey carry last
Burry am for water, he go still rise pass garri
Whenever we rise, jolly wey tey ''la ma Jiri"
No one fit stop her JOLLY; I'm talking TEJIRI
Time with her's always spicing, enough for good flavour
Her presence gingers out God's blessings, so call her FAVOUR
With EMMANUEL in our midst, we remain a sweet us
His ways remind us that the Lord is with us
What she sees, she conquers; she owns the victor-area
Queen of the area; I'm talking VICTORIA
She always ever shines 'cos she is a star
Always ever sharp 'cos she is ESTHER
She ain't a photocopy; herself and like ,"I be the me"
The ogbonge original, specially social ABIDEMI
Now it's SAMKLEEZY; A Jesus wizzy
Conjuring words easy, but with effizy
In NCCF, we love, we care, we share
Not just about the new year; but the love in the air

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