THE TRAIN - teenage journey; chastity series - kleezypen.com

Swift teens with sweet things; hot looks! Sweet sixteen
They can things like tin cans; hurt story of six teens
Heal a sick teen if you can; not to end a sick thing
The bitter the drug, the sweeter the the teen seeks

teen girl wearing hat
THE TRAIN - teenage journey; chastity series - kleezypen.com
Story of sweet six teens titled sweet sixteen
Sixteen started the journey; only six found Johnny
It's fortunate they seek things; unfortunate sick things
Sick things clothing desire like a silk thing
Mercy's a church girl who thinks Johnny is too
Johnny's prayer is simple, "Lord, Have Mercy on me!"
He did the same to Joy and now boasts, "I had Joy in me"
Now he's eyeing love; and we all know, "Love is blind"
With two teens to go, note these two things
One! Follow your heart, to be hearty and happy
Two! Take your brain along too, as your wisdom tool
You see, Hope kept believing Johnny's lies till she lost her P
One more teen to go; the one Johnny calls "The One"
What he wants is honey, so he makes her horny
Nicknames her WIFI just to connect to her hotspot
"The One" wasn't his last; she was just one of the ones
Once upon a thyme! Spicy sweet sixteen
All eyes on her body! Spies want to be her buddy
Ten out, six in; Tina was one of the six in
Sexy enough for Johnny to drown her in the sex-sea
To beat time is sweet but it seems time beat her
No more a teenager; some call her ageing Tina
From sweet six teens to angered bitter sick things
Who is to blame? Johnny or the journey
Ten teens seem lucky not to have met Johnny
Ten teens low key like the ten commandments
If the gods are not to blame, then really; who is?
Parents don't just pay rent, but the train of teenage Journey

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  1. Awesome write up! How you can pass a good message while rhyming all the way is wonderful.. Well done sir!

  2. Great masterpiece. You've really got nice ideas. I'll be looking forward to more stuffs like this. Big up man.

  3. Nice piece. More grease to your elbow.

  4. Weldon bro you never disappoint when it comes passing the right message with the right words, keep it up bro.