GOD NO FIT LEAVE ME - Corona dey, Corona dey; na still kampe I just dey

I for no yarn you this story, if hin no popori
If God no intervene, life for call me gambari
Life bury me for water but I rise pass garri
Now, dem ko mi je like efo; like I scent pass efinri


Corona dey, Corona dey; na still kampe I just dey
Shibi ile ko gboliday; I dey chop everyday
Everyday my market sell like sey na market day
The way my sun dey shine, you go think today na sunday

On one side is Corona; on the other, my co-runner
Corona came to jinx-us, my co-runner is Jesus
Can't be seeking Christ my buddy and be sick in my body
Nothing like we go win; me and Christ don co-win

Jesus talk sey it is finished while on the cross abi?
So the game is over, na the winner I be
Based on coach wey I get na the God wey sabi
Yoruba sey o TOPE; no be lie, ask ALABI

God found me so low and raised my solo higher
Shebi God no dey lie; na satan be the liar
So me no dey fear; bi mo se wa, mo ti laya
I don't play game of thrones but kill villians like Arya

The way God change my life is so deep no be kekere
The price hin pay no cheap; no look am like kpekere
God no dey use me play; even though won ni mo like ere
No be sere-sere, all you need is your faith kpere

Come feel Holyghost branding wey dey dey shark pass brandy
God's sweetness is so candid; walahi hin sweet pass candy
The way hin love dey sweet me don pass sugar daddy
Life no fit pudi momi; me and Christ we be padi

Dem want make I die and mourn but I dey shine like diamond
If no be God wey I believe; dem for chop me like I be leaf
Those wey call me bitter leaf don dey call me scent leaf
Don't leave me o; don't leave me o, gbagbe - God no fit leave me

*popori - sweet
*gabari - fool
*efinri - scent leaf
*ere - play
*kekere - little
*mo ti laya - I'm bold
*kpere - only
*gbagbe - forget it

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