From the very Genesis, God created geniuses
Revelation was the niche; revolution was the snitch
Man clung unto the duck tour; echoing false quacks
Jesus was sent to heal us; patients still called him quack

man and woman doing arm wrestling

Eve Unraveled packages per cages and starts to par with cages
The serpent's music got her mew-sick, my lady called it melody
She was more than a wild cat but made to think she was just cart;
A cart to carry burdens; to prove she could be lion-king 

The effects seem ripple but ends up a real pull
One apple pulled, plucked the plug
Adam; a dam generating power, becomes a damned
It all started from the tussle for the power she already had

She was named woman; and indeed she did woo man
She's full of power; full power of emulsional emotions in a motion
Either turn's a man into a power-fool, or makes him more powerful
A rider that turns man into a power-hoarse or power-horse

Maybe female's a male paying an extra fee; Fee-male
The chemical element in her called called 'Fe' makes her Iron-man
If 'S' is special then She means a Special He
Still Her super-power will be unnoticed without the male

The black race, the white race; now we're all in this race
If I'm the maze runner, then Christ is my co-runner
Corona double-crossed me but I got Christ's single cross
Well, it's a rugged one, the old rugged cross

Voice from this cross sealed who I am, just like I am that I am
Know your place and take your place; being different adds up
Why try to overthrow God when you are a god too
Man!! Be a man; Woman!! Be a woman

Which controls which; The head or the neck?
The leader has a title, right; head or neck
Who's the leader; the male or the female?
No matter who leads, being a god does not make you the God

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