BELIEVE - Sunday vibes

 If you never still BELIEVE, you can be plucked like you BE LEAF

All you need is LIVING FAITH and to LIVE will be your FATE

And based on Christ's FELLOW SHEEP, you go enjoy sweet FELLOWSHIP

No more a FELLOW in the SHIP of slavery wey life dey SHIP away



Everywhere no Cris and nice but God's saying CHILL O

Hannah knew the MOST HIGH but people still said SHE LOW

They all called her barren but thank God for SHILOH

From the hollow of the shit hole, instanta; SHE WHOLE


Even CAESAR no fit stop our CUT cos we no dey use SCISSORS

Satan EYE us, no HI us; he SEES US no fit SIEZE US

Satan Sabi LIE with SENSE but no get LICENSE to touch us

He fit SMOKE make e HIGH but na our papa be the MOST HIGH

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