CHAMPIONS FALL BUT GET UP - Whether active or ghost mode, ''continue!'' is the code

 Move on and don't stop;

Press on to the very top,

You may flop but don't give up;

Champions fall but get back up



The reason winners don't quit

Is because their hearts still beat;

As long as you still breathe

Don't give up on your running kits


Sleep with your running shoes clean;

Chasing your dreams is the basic thing,

A pure hustle not needing Klin;

Forget past down falls in the bin


The Goliath facing David;

Obstacle so rigid and vivid;

When faith is your sown seed,

Your good fate won't bleed


Be always on track;

Never lose your marks,

Your best efforts got your back;

So never you look back


Wether active or ghost mode,

''Continue!'' is the code;

An eagle in the cold;

A lion ever bold.

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