CUT SOAP FOR ME - Friday freestyle

I know your wealth is soapy; the consequences so O.P.

You don join Dem dey dance soapy; enough NAIRA to spend in MALI

When dis kind money na your hype oh; Las Las go bleach you like hypo

Shebi na devil give you zobo; las las, this kind life na bobo



You use soap, talk sey na grace; na craze you dey craze

I use grace, talk sey na grace; na praise I dey praise

You dey form tasting money; what's your real testimony

My guy wey go do G-plus; devil reduce my Gee to minus


The kind soap wey you take baff, ọmọ; e dey baffle me

Your money be like prison bar; abeg no cut bar for me

As long as Jesus be my G-source; the god of money bow for me

God's Richest At Christ's Expense; G-R-A-C-E don store bar for me


Whether by luck or by grace; na the legit way pay pass

I no be any vulture prey; even though no be me pray pass

I'm so fly, no be abroad; na God sign my heaven papers

Sey you chop life but lose your soul, on that day na him go pain pass


Wahala; I see I saw, be like the god of money sees us

Devil dey saw men with see-saws; he fit even dry their sea-source

Na who devil be him G-source he fit chop with incisors

Once the lust for money seize us, na to cut us with hin scissors



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