END SIRS - these old leaders killing naija; set àwon SARS

I am Big Brother Naija, so I’m always watching

Maybe the land is green but from the shots of Green Arrows

We no fit glo with pride when the land is stained with red

No free airtime per seconds; dem no give us breathing space



Once Thin UBU sees the people, hin eyes don seafood

They took advantage of our patience; robbed us of our goodluck

Soldiers have sold their rights; the only way they go is left

They've turned Naija into a joke; this one na I GO DIE


My flows are sicker than my president; Legend of the sicker

Who is the sickest Boo on earth? Boo Harry

His excellency SIR now has a double; plural, call them SARS

Time for these SIRS to stepdown; Youth ti take over, #ENDSARS


We didn't vote ATIKU; all the same A TI KÚ

Obasanjo endorsed Buhari; now, naija no gree sanjo

We voted SAI BABA; That is why Naija's BABAric

Youths are naija's future; they are killing naija's future


Lying Muhammed breaks the news; even media no fit repair

Government dogs making news from making noise; media propaganda

You can't bank on Naija banks with deep freezers inplace of safes

Even if you be Daddy Freeze, your account go freeze like the mummy

#kleezypen #kleezypoetry #EndSARS

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