LIFE IS NOT A MOVIE - the ENDGAME; kleezypen

The realness of this world only proves that GOD IS NOT DEAD

You gat to  WARN A BROS that DISNEY world differs from real life

No need acting DOCTOR STRANGE 'cos this life isn't a movie

If you're wrong, bend THIS KNEE; the results will make you MARVEL



God made man from dust; from clay, like SANDMAN

Then Cobwebs of death sent VENOM to SPY THE MAN

But the web-site of grace changed the internet MATRIX

And made me Holy Ghost drunk, you can call me DRUNKEN MASTER


Describing the sin arrow, the VILE-KINGS shot the ARROWS

The scene was oceanic but the sin was TITANIC

Satan acting GOD OF WAR playing INFINITY WARS

He bruised Jesus' heels, but Jesus wasn't HERCULES


No more AS I SIN CREED but God's righteousness breed

As saints we're now Ex to sin; cool to say we're X-Men

That come plain without complains to the GUARDIAN OF THE GALAXY;

We Come with worship without war ships; still the best WAR CRAFT so far


IRONMAN ironed by the word; SUPERMAN super by the Spirit

With the Living God in me, THE GODS OF EGYPT cannot stand me

The fullness of the Godhead is in me; MR INCREDIBLE

The thrinity plus me; caption it FANTASTIC FOUR


God is my COMMANDO so I'm unstopped by TERMINATORS

HAMMER the word through barriers like a greater god than THOR

I'm not AMERICAN SNIPER but I shoot the word like RAMBO

I seek God's kingdom first like the LEGEND OF THE SEEKER


I'm the LORD OF THE RINGS; can't even compare me to ROCKY

I don't fight MORTAL KOMBAT; my spiritual fight is higher

I don't play GAME OF THRONES but kill villains like Arya

Satan still forming AVENGERS; never knew Christ was the ENDGAME

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