LIKE NUMBER ONE - Don't pretend you no wan see me

You keep running through my mind; please don't get tired of running

Until you run into me, and you won't run out of money

If it's attention you need; don't think I'm broke to pay attention

As long as you love me too, I'll always love you as the one



A full line-up just for you; men sef still dey on top bench

Well, I'm a man with the balls needed to score my goals

You be the goal of the ballers; that's why I'm the goalkeeper

So in your book of numbers, treat me like number one


For this endowment you are flaunting; we all want to do the fronting

Since you fit no like backman, we strike with bigger fonts in

For me though it's a fan thing; not a fun thing not just the front thing;

I'm your number one fan; so treat me like number one


Don't pretend you no wan see me; treat me like number one

Shebi, you see this my love jersey; the number on it is one

But out of the sea of girls, the girl I see as my one

Dey do like sey she never see me; and you know you're the one


Enough of all the friendlies; when be the real match

No just try to friendzone me; me and you be perfect match

Don't have to be perfect persons to be perfect for each other

But friends in love that forgive; not selfish to itch others


You don unlock my heart with this your kiss of friendship

Now, it's time to lock our hearts together in blissful marriage

Love me like THE ONE; not just one of those you love too

Be the one to make me THE ONE and one plus one will truly be one


What God joins together; he knows will be cute together

What God has joined together; let no man put asunder

The way I place you on top, if you don't treat me as under,

Then, this "what God has joined together," of course! can be us

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