KING - I'm just asking, "who is better?"

 I'm a pun addict; beat you to the game of cheers

My Queen watch the pawns like a movie; team moving

I'm the king of the Bee-shop getting honey for knights

While my Rooks cook up stuff, like war chefs, against the crooks



I'm a king like 3crowns; you can't ever take me low

Like I'm still enjoying the peak; so you can't bring MILO

You can't corn me like a fake; I'm too a-maiz-ing for that

Thumbs up counts, 7-up; the vibes alive; 5-alive


Taking a stroll to the top; for me, is like walking a distance

Pride no fit make me burst up before I reach my bus stop

No end to growing up but no time for swelling up

Some call me the next up; cos the top is my next stop


I'm like an afternoon meal; everyone wanna launch me

Like my life got no lips; my life can't ever suck

Life is rather a-peeling; so fly like banana

Everything sweet and fruity; wherever man goes


I'm the good jolly fellow wey big fans dey follow

I'm stalk to my passion like the stem that makes me live

Judges call me the rapper that every lady wanna spend on

I'm not saying I'm the Alpha; I'm just asking, "who is better?"


Haters drive under the motto, "hating in one Accord"

Dem flog to klil me with a Cain; Dem think sey I be Abel

Since life got no pause button, God no dey use me play

He's my Alpha and Omega; My Beginning and my end

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