FAVOUR - I'm a product of grace and the flavoured life it brews

Such a search for freedom, yet they call white grey,

Deceived by selfish wisdom as their hair turns grey,

Dismissed the truth that's awesome and have this missed the way,

They all sum up the all some but miss the awesome way



The dead thinking they live, leaving out the Christ that lives;

They leave out God's word, living out the world that leaves,

At the length of each day, their breath gradually leaves;

Not connected to the vine, they wither like dry leaves


Sin's wages is death; so I've been warned,

So I gazed at God's sun till re-born as His son,

And became the chosen one to enjoy the victory won,

As for this race I run, grace makes it all fun


Ain't just a news reader; I'm a news maker,

Not just a net checker; I'm a planet shaker,

Not just the Word taker; I'm a world talker,

I'm not 'undertaker' but I am an overtaker


Life is like a game that never ends in deuce,

It always pays to win but winning got its deus,

I need not make noise before I'll make news,

I'm a product of grace and the flavoured life it brews.


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