GRATITUDE - friday freestyles

God's blessings pour on me like RAIN for me to always REIGN

God's power flows in my VEIN so devil tries but in VAIN

'Tried to kill us all like PREYS, but I'm still alive to PRAISE

Devil think sey him punch WEIGH; I knocked him out in God's own WAY



God divert the SLINGS dem SWUNG for me to still dey SING my SONG

Thinking of all the Lord has DONE, makes me conclude he's the real DON

He owns my every SECONDS; yes! Every SECONDS, and I MEAN IT

So my heart places Him FIRST at every passing SECOND


There's nothing LEFT like YABA; everything RIGHT, no YAWA

Nothing fishy like SHAWA; 'enjoying God's blessed SHOWER

I'm blessing drenched in His TOWER; you no fit clean am with a TOWEL

When I say, "LIFE IS GOOD", what I mean is, "GOD IS LIFE"


title_credits: Osayi Chris-Shalom Aghatise



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