Good Lord with the God love - SUNDAY VIBES

 My life scatter like DADA, like ocean waves you could SURF ME

Was full of problems like math; I no know how you take SOLVE ME

Dem say problem no dey finish but this particular one FINISH

Na the same me swimming now Dem be tell sey I get FIN ISH



Who's next inline for God's blessings; "That one na me SIR";

Circumstance wey doublecross mẹ, I chop am like PIZZA

God's blessings makes Rich and he no dey PLUS-PLUS sorrow

Blessings wey no get BRAKE not to talk of even REVERSE


You see this GINGER wey I get; no be dry JIN, na JAH

You see this HIGH wey I HIGH; no RIZLA - na the MOST HIGH

This CLOUD wey dey gather na for me; the RAIN go LOUD

This MOOD wey I dey don pass LG; the Lord Is Good


*LG - Life's Good


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