Satan TRY-TRY from hin angle, make my light TRY OFF

But the God in sef dey DO-DO; that's why I still dey TRIUMPH

God anoint me with special DOINGS; I get oil pass PUFF-PUFF

God be the chef wey make life jolly pass even party JOLLOF



No be dream; no be trance; na confirm - INSIDE LIFE

The kind BREAD wey I chop; BREAD OF LIFE wey no need BREAD KNIFE

SENIOR MAN, shebi you know sey na you make me dey CHOP LIFE

MOST HIGH with melody singing my story  like HIGH LIFE


Fire wan burn me like WICK but na you make me no SEE HELL

Anytime wey I WEAK, you charge me up like BATTERY CELL

Everyday of the WEEK, na you dey make my MARKET SELL

Before my eye even WINK, you don break the PRISON CELL



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