GREEN LIGHT - friday freestyles

Tight waist like titanic; wide hips like oceanic

No pupil cornea than her eyes; it LOOKS thicker than her thighs

Me sef wan be one of her ties; but not like headtie wey she dey unwear

Since she sabi KNOT TIE, me sef be reason to TIE KNOT



She dey call me Mr. TIM based on I be good TEAM player

She sey she find me like JOHNNY to fit start her life JOURNEY

She talk sey I be her JIM; sey her life WORKOUT with me

Sey my TIME spent with her Bellefull her; she no need extra CURRY


Sent me a message saying, "HI JACK"; but na my heart she wan HIJACK

Me sef propose like who no KNOW JACK; and she reply me, "NO JACK"

Na so greenlight turn red light even before I move motor

This traffic light dey CONFUSE; na im make us no COME FUSE



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