IN TIME - There's a currency called time

 There's a currency called time, valued in life which none can buy

Too much sleep that peels off time and life may just pass you by

The bird of time makes you slip off while it flies on with a bye

It's what you DO as time goes BY that transforms deserts to DUBAI



You're too tall to miss your shot; you're in charge, not under time

Time is too short a surety not to engage some overtime

Tame your mind to time yourself and make your success come on time

God has time for your timing; let him spice it with his thyme


If God's time is when you're ready; being ready is in your hand

Great harvest in time of famine depends on how you work the land

The sand of time is vast; not burried in it lies on your stand

God gave you feet to walk; work your footprints into the sand


God's thyme is the best; sweetens your life with spicy seasoning

Lift's you higher like the Most High; upward ever with no ceasing

You've been equiped by the sire to launch for your due season

Don't stay away from your desire; it is yours for a seizing


Multitudes pursue after the goals you have set for yourself

Hardwork's the high heels that makes you reach top of the shelf

When time for hard work calls, never pretend to be deaf

Cook up the values in you like you're the best of all chefs


The comfort of the seat of deceit can be so sweet

That, even when your time is due, it can change your dew to heat;

While everybody sits,  stand out and stand on your seat

Till discomfort turns this comfort; when your time's fully lit


Life having it's commas; doesn't mean you're not in command

Win battles before you fight; the battle of the mind

Rather than what you require, life gives what you demand

Getting old is a constant but smart work makes you the man

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