LIGHT - the glow of my globe is global

When I glow it's so real; people call me God's glory

I'm the glow of the globe; yes my glow is global

My current no fit low; you can feel it in my glow

To ever grin is my true colour; so I glo with pride



Covenant stage in Yoruba; this is my Èrí stage

Breaking limits in Christ; this is my heritage

Not one of the early men, but Christ freed me early, man

So while I crush on Christ, what I do is crush the devil


Dem talk sey I no heavy; sey me, I be light

When you weigh the scales, you'll see I'm way on top

I no be like down NEPA; I'm always up and shining

I be light wey carry weight; darkness see me, no fit wait


Christ took me to court; He's the groom, I'm the bride

The case in court was brief but loaded like a stuffed briefcase

Christ since then became my G-source; my G wey pass G-wagon

Blank cheque for all I want; I can never live in want


If you still think life is unfair; try the life called "the light"

Just come into the light; Christ is delight

I have put on the light sewn for me by Christ

Come get this victory worn too; the one God tailored to your size


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