OUR FATHER - friday freestyles

If God be for us, na who be their daddy

If God be your father, you go chop them like ofada

Na you get Abba father, their own papa na Aba made

Even dem too join those wey go serve you like Aba maid



If na God dey give us honey, na who be their sugar daddy

Dem get link to ASO ROCK; the God in you ALSO ROCKS

You get connect pass internet; not just world wide - e touch heaven

Ten of them be like ten ants; na you be the landlord


E shock dem like ELECTRIC sey God na your aza WIRE

God your papa no be paupa; im sef na money spraying zaddy

So which kind GODFATHER dey breathe for where your GOD THE FATHER dey

E choke dem no be joke; if dem compete, na dem go broke


title_credits: Irene Owuzo



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