WANNABE - friday freestyles

You wey dem package like santana; why you dey form santa na?

You do giveaway for club on borrowed money - mumu man

You dey chopchop every polish because you wan shine like lantern

But laslas your face no show; laslas your shoe no shine



Lagbaja just dey DISGUISE just to ball with THESE GUYS

No dey do like CAMeleon make KARMA no go touch you

Be ye as wise as SERPents make SAPA no retouch you

But if you turn real serpent, no be juju be that?


That's how we roll - that's how we roll; you turn rollon for armpit

To ball with ballers by all means; you turn the ball - you say dem mean

Na you wan chop with cheat-code; you don chop shit - talk sey life cold

No go dey do pass yourself just to reach top of your shelf


title_credits: Ameh Joe Lucazzy



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