PB Laundry and Dry-cleaning - (www . pblaundryanddrycleaning . com)

Money doesn’t buy class; good laundry does

You are what you wear. Be clean, be fresh!

You wanna be spotless, bright and extremely clean?

No one does it better than PB Laundry and Dry-cleaning



The never ending story of Laundry redefined

Clean Clothes, clean life; shine like a crystal

Got to get the stains out? Leave it to us if you don't mind

Try it & you'd like it; Clean Laundry's Peace of Mind


Keep calm and do laundry; We make your clothes shine bright

Cleanliness invites adventure; do it for the kids

Create that positive feeling; Fall in love with the way your clothes smell

You’ll never know you once wore it once we have washed it


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