PLEASE BE MY WIFEY - shebi na you be my buddy #kleezypen

 I no be antenna but dey feel your transmission

See as you sabi my vision, like e be your television

You've made it your core mission and you no ask for commission

You be all my hotspur needs; please be my wifey



You follow push my motto like sey e be your motor

You support me like catapult wey don pot me to the front

Na me dey shine for front because you dey my back

My baby wey dey back me with wetin sure pass shawl


Without you life be like purse wey no get money to pay

Without you life be like pause; na you be the autoplay

Na me and you dey play pass; yet I no fit use you play

I fit carry play for head but no go carry you play


Nobody be like you my padi; shebi na you be my buddy

If I get mumu button, na only you fit to press am

I be the man wey you woo, and that makes you my woman

Cover you like a wrapper based on sey you be my woman


For all the padis wey I get, na you be my bestie

For all the blessings wey I get, na you be the best thing

So when I count my blessings, I count you more than once

The way I count on you; there's no end to this count

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