MARRIAGE - Wahala be like bicycle, that's why I prefer tricycle

 Some marriages lit by candle-light only last the wick;

Marriage is more than a word; it's a life sentence

Don't Walk into a relationship with a broken leg

Else, you'd crutch on your partner after the crush is crushed



Like making a belt out of watches ends in a waist of time. 

Some relationship no go workout even if dem enter gym

Coconut is a nut but not the right partner for the bolt

Love may be blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener


A bicycle can't stand on its own 'cos it's two-tyred

And as you roll with your spouse, you are prone of getting too tired

Yet, got to always roll with your spouse like Amos 3:3

Don't leave your dice roll to luck; if love dies that role go lock


Wahala be like bicycle, that's why I prefer tricycle

You and your spouse;  two-tyred; God can be the third

Well balanced on three tyres; Marriage is a love triangle

Marrying the wrong person leaves you wreck tangled


Your angle, your spouse's and Love's try-angle

You've got all the thyme in the world to spice your love time

Doesn't stop at falling in love; falling in bed too should be worth it

Too many little digs send a marriage to an early grave

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