FALLEN - Love's what Christ has left right

 God does signs and wonders beyond just science and wondering

Since Grace changed my position; it's now a different situation

I've been snapped off my poor pose and saved for a purpose

I'm a minus to the devil and a plus to the kingdom



My case is different from the world's 'cos I'm united with the word

Get MAN-UNITED with the word to save the whole of MAN-CITY

This world so, na darkness FULL AM; let's fill it's ARSENAL with light

Till he LEAVE A POOL for God's CHEER SEA; sail with no accusing BLACK BURN


Cast down the thoughts that keep you downcast; why swim when you can sail

Until you say bye to religion; your reality is blurred

Religion is service; Christianity is life

Religion is activity but Christianity is love's reality


It is easier to crash land than to climb out of the crash

But if the trash-CAN, God calls you clean; don't tell me you CAN'T

God backs you like a real legion even when religion fails

So, falling or fallen; God's grace always falls in


Condemnation doesn't build men; tears men like lions in a den

Let the words of your mouth encourage the discouraged

Do not die with denomination; what you need do is live in Christ

Love's what Christ has left right; don't wrong this right Christ left


Religious people find faults and magnify people's mistakes

Christians lift up those that fall and bind up their wounds

Religious people criticize you for what you did not do well enough

Christians applaud your accomplishments with suggestions for improvement

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