FALLING - God's waiting in the background like an emergency backup

 FOOL, FOOLER, FOOLEST; that's what the world says

Since I'm no fool, I know the truth; those words don't exist

FULL, FULLER, FULLEST; that's what the word says

Means I'm filled with the best content; secret of being content



This revelation no be typing; what I saw was God's handwriting

I no dey for hyping; I go hand you the right thing

His word dey come to pass; no dey fail during exam

When God's word marks you good, nothing get liver to Ex am


Every day's for giveaways and God no go take away

Why say God gives and always takes like sey na God be the wicked

Never stand down but sit-up; never believe you are the weak head

Push up and stand up to life; make good use of your strong-head


The fact sey you fuck-up no mean sey make you give-up

Even if you fall down, time still dey for you to stand up

Shey you still dey sit down; ogbeni oya get up

Ogbeni, ji ma sun; Ogbeni, oya wake up


Running out of money? With last card you can still checkup

Life thief-thief your bracelet; hin no mean make you no brace-up

The pain reach to lock up but healing door gats open down

Can't connect if you lockdown; help comes when you open up


Don't be lame while on guard only to blame it on God

God's waiting in the background like an emergency backup

So if your back hits the ground, God got you; get back up

There's nothing wrong in falling; it's not just right to remain fallen

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