NUMBER ONE - I could be any number but I choose number one

 Me and failure are prime numbers; we're never even

My number is so odd; simply number 1

So on point like decimals; my victory no get comma

I no be apostrophe; won't pause till I get my trophy



Dragon in the Spirit; the words I spit, him hot pass fire

I feed on God's rhema to refire as the real man

The 'look-man' say I look odd because I dey look God

Yes I've been numbered so odd! simply number one


In my book of numbers, Number 1 I see is alpha

There's no number 2 'cos he's also the Omega

So in my book of numbers; he's beginning and the end

Can't find me outside him; number 1 is where to find me


You still searching for the champion? Search no more I'm the 1

Wherever Christ is sitted take note I'm there too

Where Christ is the seated one; I am the seated two

Grace has always been the thrill; makes me progress than 1-2-3


The way God dey bless me, me sef; mo fó oh

Vibes alive than 5 alive; even my swag don get a high 5

Be a believer like me; always getting what he seeks

God's grace is so saving that I'm sure I'll see heaven


 I walk in love in Christ's steps; my diction no get hate

Na hin be agape love; I walk in love so benign

Though Like a game of ten-ten, life na turn by turn

Since Christ sacrificed his turn; every time now, it's my turn

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