MAN IN THE MIRROR - God's image

 I saw God's image today when I looked into the mirror

I Know who I am; I'm who I am says I am

Christ is the full story; makes me a revealed Glory

See, I slay than a slay queen, cos I slay on the word



I stand out from the crowd because Jesus is my high heels

The way things are working out you'd think I'm the gym

Some are still chopping life, me; I'm full of life already

Even 5 alive dey jealous me 'cos I'm the one alive


I'm a fellow sheep in fellowship with Christ my head sheep

I'm his number one partner in this giving ministry

Givers never lack, so my giving no dey slack

My seed so intact so my harvest is more than sacks


God loves a cheerful giver; so he's my number one fan

Na baba God dey blow me; so I can never be poor

No be sey na 4-1-9; but Philippians 4:19;

Trust Jehovah jareh based on Jehovah Jireh


Me and Christ are so joint heirs; photographer ko le ya wa

Others say there's casting down; while for my life, there's no yawa

God's blessings reign on me, so I can never be dry

God is blessing me non-stop; and I never reach my bustop

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