You're the beauty in my WORLD that makes me short of WORDS

Your VOICE adds beauty to my DAY; my CHOICE remains you ANYDAY

Not bringing you my way would mean the WORLD were MEAN to ME

I'm Glad YAWEH brought you my way; you MEAN the WORLD to ME



You're a MAGNET to my soul; I'm always attracted to you

Every SECOND of the day, you're number ONE in my mind

I'll STICK with you through THICK and THIN to relish this love THING

'Cos You're the CERTIFIED lover behind this SATISFIED lover


ANGELS like you on earth confirm that HEAVEN is real

TIME with you spicy pass THYME; Can't RESIST BEING with you

If marriage were a house, I'll certainly BE IN with you

Already GROWING love WITH you; will soon be GROWING kids WITH you

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