SEPA-RATED - Na God dey market me; na dem dey rush me

 This man actually liveD till backslid as the Devil

Got to backslide from eviL if you really wanna Live

Backsliding from God results into a doG

God saved you from it; look away from your vomit



I dig a little deeper into God's love; a pro digger

I'm a son by nature; not planned to be prodigal

My zeal set on fire, now I'm prod-eager

The backbone and backup called grace puts me upfront


Before I was raw; you could feel it in my words

God's word don cook me; I don done well for this pot world

Oya taste me, I am sweet based on salt of the earth

Not yet done with the world; enough thyme for more ginger


Black and white is the norm but I am sepa-rated

Sanctified by the word, I have been separated

Old things are passed away; no more sell pirated

Na God dey market me; na dem dey rush me


Awesome God don sum all into one word called grace

The God race called G-race prospered me in this G-raise

Light of the earth; speed of light; what I use is gear ace

So no barrier stops my carrier as a Holy Ghost carrier

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