OGA TITUS - She was the hot shot that made him a taller Mugu

 I see pass Cicilia, go dey look Sisi nla

Too much money; dollar po; make DOLAPO no go dull

I no get big eye like Irene but my heart's hiring what I'm eyeing

With fine eye brow, she say hi bro; na her beauty make me high jor



Michelle be feeling I'm shy till I chike her with mishille

You fit get teddy and beards but must still buy her teddy bear

You no fit buy body hug; but expect her skin-tight hug?

Try transform her small jor; make you no hug transformer


See this oga Titus; big fish; what a catch

She don see her Johnny Just Come; maga don pay be that

He fell in love with Bola; didn't know she was a baller

She was the hot shot that made him a taller Mugu


Too broke to pay attention, no money for even Patience

As you no get Goodluck, she don hide her bad kiss

Before you try buy romance, first read free Book of Romance

Life na jeje; na too much hurry-hurry cause wuru-wuru


You no be King Solomon but run babes like sey na Runtown

Till dem leg over give you Kay-Leg; Caleb why na?

One plug, one socket; no dey do multi-skilled

One Aboki, one kettle; One WIFI for your hotspot

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