STRONG MAN - everywhere stew; carry on boss

If pepper no gree blend well, how everywhere go stew?

You offer ring to her, but no get offering to give

Handsome guy wey tight, but your hand no gree tithe money

No seed to even sow, na wetin life rip you dey sew



Her prided ego plus no money makes her zoom off like she's Prada

Money called "ego" makes her stay even when you let her go

No be by to swallow mic make you for to propose loud

Better swallow time bomb make you for quick soon blow


She fit dey do shakara like sey na M.C. Shakara

Chop Akara bomb and blow and she go wear your Ankara

You fit be carpenter, but she go talk yes if you hammer

So before you propose to her, make pepper dey for stew


Anytime you call her angel, no forget dem no dey stay hell oh

Better build her a heaven and your kids too will be Angels

Can't be a prey to awful things; better pray for all full things

All things "answereth" to God; but money "answereth" all things


Don't just like her figure eight, love eight figures in your account

Your Toyin tomato red no mean sey account must red too na

No too focus on six packs when you fit woo with six cars

Wealth is the vault to bank on, if Shakara is her default


She surname me Armstrong; strong arms of money, I'm strong

She says carry on boss; she turned the drive of my bus

Everywhere stew; enough thyme to ginger love

That's one way to man up mhen, not to let your woman down


Inspired by Bastu

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