TEN OVER TEN - friday freestyles

Satan be send TEN ANTS come but I no gree become their LANDLORD

The OCTOPUS wey he send, I give that one TEN TACKLES

SADISTS jam me start to LAUGH like sey I dey give them TEN TICKLES

Based on God no dey fail me, life give me TEN over TEN



I no proud like fake tits, but na God bless me; I can't FAKE IT

So when HAPPY people SHOW THINGS, me sef go dey SHOW TEETH

Without God's free AIRTIME per seconds; tell me! Who dey BREATHE

Na God hold the DRUMSTICK, my life no fit go OFF BEAT


Too much blessings fall on me, even haters don dey CHOKE

The blessing dope pass COKE; e dey break YOKE no be JOKE

Enough SHOWERS of blessings; omo, this one don dey SOAK

Even bottle wey don break no fit talk sey he don BROKE



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