WE MEUVE - friday freestyles

I started with a boss drive; lots of energy boxed up

Journey started getting steeper for CHALLENGE bus stop

HOLD up for MOWE carry WEIGHT; omo, I no fit WAIT

But winners never quit; na PATIENCE dey marry GOOD LUCK



Like sapa roll me like TYRE; I no fit lie sey I no TIRE

Before I waka reach SOKOTO, I don outgrow my SOKOTO

THE TOUR was without GEMS like DETOL wey no get GERMS

I still believed I could FLY HOUSING my dreams; no HOUSEFLY


Dem be dey downgrade me 'cos dem don SEE ME FINISH

E later choke dem for eyes 'cos na me FIRST FINISH

Swimming in my pool of success, I no get any FIN ISH

Nothing about my win is FISHY; I no go buy the BEEF you selling


title_credits: Olive Samuels



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