THE CHEATER STORY - Friday Freestyle

 You leave wife follow olosho; money dey to BUY BITCH

Based on your BAR don plenty; full ground like BAR BEACH

Till DELILAH Cut your hair; the kind BARB wey dey ITCH 

Pulling the strings to JILT HER but na she use you do GUITAR



Bought your wife's SOFT legs the kind of shoes so HARD to WEAR

If your WORDS were her CLOTHES, 'twill be VIOLENCE EVERY WEAR

Indeed you Created her a WORLD of VIOLENCE EVERYWHERE

This love has been SNITCHED; wounded yet UNSTITCHED


She was your DJ SWITCH with MELODY wey dey TURN ON

Until you SWITCH come dey MELO THE love make e TURN OFF

Now, where you TWO dey; That's where PROTEST dey TURN UP

Once upon CHASING her like a CHEETAH; story of a CHEATER



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