THE MOUNTAIN DEW - You don't really need the bottle for you to ball too

You go fear mood swing na; mood swaps like drinking Schweppes

When I wake I see she naps; a fan of Yogo, so I scream

Don't bring Holland here; you got that? Don't have to be so cold

Have some fun and don't form Bigi; wash off the black soot with vim too



You say no bobo me with faith? Why make your fate "more-thinner"

Enjoy vigil like Viju; hoping for the magic moments?

Don't just look like a Sarah; take charge like Abraham

Like Elijah; man of prayer, paying the mountain dew; faith


You don't really need the bottle for you to ball too

Can't cope without a cup? That was why Jesus bought you

Forget Jericho walls; with grace you can bore through

What Christ did was show us grace; not our bought rules


My chill was vital but the law a mere hinder

I was seeking approval; yet no thumbs up to the fair rules

Now got seven up already; seven elders in heaven

Unwanted pain charmed me until God launched my champagne


Wisdom is beautiful; want her like pure water

Be a condensed milk; rich, till you reach the title peak

Though ambushed by Savannah, don't forget your happy hour

Sow ya milk and reap the pick; not rip the sewn to bear the pain

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