My Queen - my heart

First time I saw this DIAMOND, I called her "ACE"
Not long before she turned, QUEEN of my HEART
I no JACK book to understand her, based on KING wey I be
To call a SPADE a spade, we go CLUB down the party
Call life a game of scrabble; na you be my blank piece
Call life a game of cheques; na you be my blank cheque
Call life a game of cards; na you be my blank card
I mock the JOKER when I check up; based on you be my last card
If na game of chess, to reach queen require brainwork
Based on rich King wey I be, to care for you na my handwork
Enough chairs for the chairmen, even dancefloor for the legwork
So much gbedu and enjoyment; big-big chops for the mouth-work
Call it game of cheers; na you be my queen
If na to sign the cheque, na you be my cheque-mate
Based on you be my specs; deserve my cheques and the pecks
You are God's blessing in excess; I bank on you pass Access

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