TIME - Friday freestyle

Oh God I got your text; saying I'm the next

Yes! Not the next hated; more than the next rated

I got strongholds to takedown; I'll hold strong - not give up

If I sit, I'm sitting up; this is not the time to stand down



No be sey Dem tie me; it's all about my timing

Me sef I get my own thyme; no fail to shine for your time

God be spicing my time; soon, everywhere go stew

Call upon God and he go show; he no go ever ghost you


Not that I wasn't guilty; but Jesus Christ don pay the fine

No be me be Mr. Gym but everything dey work out fine

I be branch wey get level based on Jesus na the vine

Just because life is spiritual; Christ has made me divine


Because life is spiritual; I pray not to get preyed

I no get native alter; besides Christ, no alternative

I proclaim sey for my life, na only Christ fit claim pro

And I'mma trust what the pro says and stay true to the process


To move from bottom clutch to top notch; don't rush into the flush crush

If you don't stick with patience, then you may lose your good luck

Lose the stuff that's key and you may have to break your good lock

Train to be unstoppable like train; Wait till you weigh the weight



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