JEHOVAH - Friday freestyle

 Jehovah tí mò ń sìn; I call him Jehovah Nissi

He is the master wey adorn me; Jehovah Adonai

Jehovah Qanna, inakwana; Jehovah wùnmi, Inawuni

My Jehovah EBUBE; a boo, bae and more



Trust Jehovah jare, call am Jehovah Jireh

This Jehovah tí moní; I call him Jehovah money

Unlike network providers; God's network no dey cut

I too love this gee over rabba; he's Jehovah my rabbi


I be no gree see road when I dey use man made candle

If not for Jehovah commando wey come and do what no man can do

By becoming the way, he did what no man can do

Jehovah Shamma my chairman wey sweet belle pass shawarma


He's Jehovah overdo and his praise is overdue

Jehovah TALK and do wey win fights without takwando

Jehovah Elshadai that says even hell shall die

But he rocks on through out ages as the rock of ages


I holla him and say hello to him; yes! I mean Jehovah Elohim

He is Jehovah the great that grates big-big mountains to powder

He is greater than other graters; Jehovah the greatest

Call him Jehovah Yaweh, make he come open your way


*tí mò ń sìn(yoruba) - that I serve

*inakwana(Hausa) - good day

*wùnmi(yoruba) - I want/I love

*Inawuni(Hausa) - good evening

*tí moní (yoruba) - that I got



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