WINNER - Friday freestyle

I roll my dice, you give me six; so dem para for my dice

Dem fit para, Dem fit shoot; e no go near my parachute

Dem para sey I go die; But I live on like in paradise

If dem say, "over their dead body..."; who para this kind para dies



Dem sey I no get level; no know what I got na levels

Dem start to play me like game but no fit finish all my levels

Dem sey na me Dem wan chance; na so dem enter one chance

Because Las Las, na dem lose; when Dem hear sey game over


Dem peeping from the window but no fit stop my win though

Dem plan for life to chop me but see me now, na me dey chop life

Those wey monitor me like kidnappers don sleep off like kids napping

Na dem gats bear all the fault for not knowing I win by default


They were so O.P. to think sey my secret dey inside soap

Wetin finally sup na sey Dem enter inside hot soup

Dem call my name for magic mirror; but I get class pass juju glass

Na dem be the jazzmen but na me dance the winning gbedu


Dem hustle to blow the champ horn; yet I'm always the champion

That's why I celebrate this grace wey dey shield me from disgrace

Satan challenge me sey me sin; but Jesus sey the sin is missing

Missing from the scene; now only to win is obviously the seen



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