TOGETHER FOREVER - transporting from #order_room to the bliss of the #other

I searched miles for one that appeals; simple friend amidst the chiks;

Found my smile when I'm happy; the dimple on my cheeks,

Found my shadow when I'm alone; the stereo of my radio,

The bone of my marrow; heartbeat in my studio,



The carriage of wedding and the welding in marriage,

Knowledge before the adding; no wedging apart nor 'cage-rage',

It's a gift from above, and it's all about love,

With commitment involved, won't dissolve but revolve


Let's get spiritual and this time spill the ritual,

Just trying to be factual, right on point; so actual,

Transporting from order room to the bliss of the other;

Be my heart's cheer holder; my company as we grow older


Let's grow the poetry like a pear tree bearing fruits,

Root deeper than the oceans; shoot higher than the skies,

And together solve the math of a merry marry Christ's mass

With a mass of love our way and bliss that weighs in great mass


You know we'd be playful and the play will get her full,

Full with kids; her tank full and to God we'll be grateful,

We will be together and love will be forever,

Forever together; together forever


#kleezypen #samkleezy

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