IF I NO LOVE YOU WETIN I GAIN (dirty poetry)

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When your girlfriend's hot and sexy, there's often this feeling to wanna BANG HER
Finger repeated slipping, dipping, licking, sucking like chopping swallow and BANGA
Everyday's Christmas if she's a KNOCKOUT; the loud moaning duets go sound pass BANGER
With Marriage comes the driving license and natural riding lessons to legitly BAG HER
Sculptures Kiss and Cross Paths to Visually Tell a Love Story (#dirty-poems-that-rhyme #funny-dirty-rhyming-poems #dirty-poetry-that-rhymes #dirtiest-poems-ever #dirty-poetry-jokes #dirty-poetry-funny)
You make my privates stand at attention like ALAGA IDURO
My cheerful face na your chair; sit like my ALAGA IJOKO
Writing about my FANTASY; that's where my PEN IS
Right thing about what's FUN TO SEE; that's you on my PENIS
I'll make this TRUTH LONG enough to make your throat DEEPER than a GIRAFFE 's
The only thyme our love will suck will be when I'm sucking you
Two heads are better than one; so will you give me a head?
Money go come I go blow and na only your mouth go BLOW ME
Got all that's nice from God YOUR FATHER; hot and spicy pass OFADA
I wan rush you like OHA taking this love thing ALL FARTHER
And scripturally multiply kids together whey I go like FATHER
Together Forever no matter the whether until 'IF I DIE'
Step by step till the CLIMAX; I go climb you like LADDER
Weather fit cold for CANADA, Love cover us like AGBADA
Won't get tired of knowing you; keep studying you like AKADA
Just to know more ways to please you when we do our ÀWÀDÀ
I'll do you so intentional; tensional, intense-anal and HARDER
So much that when it comes to doing you, you'll find none other BADDER
I'll ride you intentionally OVERSEAS; like my international PRADA
I go still ride you CUM back HOME; like my local OKADA
You'll be my fantasies come true, bend and stretch you like it's YOGA
I'll do you with passion like I'm younger; give you the feel of a COUGAR
Do you with knowledge like I'm older; make you go wild like a TIGER
Bring on the lion plus tigress vibes let me do you like a LIGER
You swept me off my feet, made me fall for you like RAIN 
RAIN down your secret fantasies; na you be queen na you dey REIGN
I'll be that DUDE that flows with you in your NUDE like blood in the VEIN
High up no FLAW or down on the FLOOR; if I no love you - wetin I GAIN?
Hold me like a tight HUGGER as I drill your MEDIAN like a MEAN AUGER
For The MATH of Me PLUS bed MINUS your clothes I be OGA
DIVIDE your legs like COMPASS, till you  CUM PASS and get JIGGIER 
MULTIPLY till kids COME to PASS with better FIGURE and SWAGGER
*AKADA (pidjen) - academics
*ÀWÀDÀ (Yoruba) - play
#dirty-poems-that-rhyme #funny-dirty-rhyming-poems #dirty-poetry-that-rhymes #dirtiest-poems-ever #dirty-poetry-jokes #dirty-poetry-funny

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