Circled by the circumference of confining circumstances
Won't make me a BRO MISSING out of what God's PROMISING 
On the word's premises are lots of good promises
My faith isn't for RUSTING but THRUSTING deep into TRUSTING 
Jesus pulling peter from the water picture
Christ gave me a PIECE of his MIND; now there's PEACE in my MIND
My rest is so EXPRESS in HIM; hear me EXPRESS it in HYMNS
What I forget, God dey REMIND; na this word dey give me REAL MIND
If you no mind sey you wan get mind, na to fill your mind with what God has in mind
Satan scripts the drama make you for WAVER like e BE SKIT
Make e for see chance chop you like WAFERS BISCUIT 
Only if you BELIEVE; death won't pluck you like you BE LEAF
SIN brings death to SCENE but FAITH changes that FATE 
Sey you don confirm the CUNT IN YOU no mean make you CONTINUE
If your heart ain't STONE COLD; you don't deserve death by the STONE CODE
JERECOILed SLOT for JERECHO SLUT who let God's THOUGHTS into her THOT mind
Don't (Amos-three-three) with negatives; but (Jeremiah 29: 9) with God's word
Satan wants you to STAGGER upon his DAGGER make e treat you like BOGGER fish
The STORM came for PETER, he looked off Jesus to this FOE CAUSED SPRAY
Distraction comes like STRAY bullets, to lead your FOCUS ASTRAY 
But we keep looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith

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