DAN 12: 3

I daily BRUSH on God's word for WISDOM; now you know my WISDOM BRUSH 
The wisely FIRM ARE MEANT to be as bright as the FIRMAMENT 
As per na you darkness no fit BITE - e no fit still comprehend how much you BRIGHT 
Your light go make those wey dey YABA LEFT come meet YA BY the RIGHT 
shadow man with light shining into the firmament
The spoil wey man HAND DO, na hin the love of God don HANDLE
God canceled your WRONG CHOICE; marked you RIGHTEOUS with Christ's RIGHT CHORES
Now if God wants to shoot A PISTOL; you are the hotshot EPISTLE
And God said let there be light and there was a super shining YOU
If Two heads are better than one, Since God's in you - that's DOUBLE YOU
As you dey LIVE God, He no fit LEAVE you - He got no plan to call you an EX
Once God pull THE LEVER to DELIVER, THE LIVER go too fresh reach to ask WHY
And That good work whey God don start for your life; e go finish am from A to Zee
As long as you and God dey PING-PING; you go dey shine pass BLING-BLING
Your light go stable pass NEPA; no time to dey BLINK-BLINK
Your joy bell go too loud; e no go ever stop to dey RING-RING
No ups and down like PING-PONG; you go dey reign like the KING KONG 
The bottle water wey you drink na FOUR EVA no mean sey you no go thirst again FOREVER
Na the WATER OF LIFE fit REFRESH you like sey God press F5 on your keyboard FOREVER
Just like the brilliant FIRMAMENT; cloudless and star-strewn FOREVER 
Turn many to RIGHTEOUS with the RIGHT CHORES and shine like the stars FOREVER
GO OPEN with God to GROW CLOSE to Him; make your GLOW for pass GLO FOREVER 
Your light don dey shine like GLOBE no mean sey your light don GLOBAL
But as the LIGHT OF THE WORLD, obviously your shine is worldwide and GLOBAL
The spirit lives in me like a COOL TWIN to make me a star wey dey TWINKLE
It's COOL TO WIN and too UNCOOL as e dey hot, not TO WIN COOL
Always a WIN-WIN back to back, no time for current WIN TO COOL
Na ABBA FATHER dey run am - no be UNCLE; na GOD THE FATHER - not godfathers 

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