EPH 4: 32

The BODY of CHRIST wants you to REMEMBER that you're a REAL MEMBER 
So With the help of your TENDER HEART, today, TEND A HEART
If you're too big to FORGIVE OTHERS then you're too small to FORE-GIVE ORDERS
RELEASE your ANGER and take a flight from REAL EASE's HANGAR
Couple forgiving each other (The extraordinary power of forgiveness)
Have the kind of kind heart that's just one of a kind
The one of a kind heart that doesn't originate from mankind
The God-kind of a heart, fore-giving and forgiving
A true forgiving heart ever forgiving hurts
.This is ONE, AN ORDER to be kind to ONE ANOTHER
This is TWO, a NATURE once you're a new CREATURE TOO
A NATURE that thrives on the NUTURE of AGAPE LOVE
Put this love MENU ON THE SERVED; An Unconditional love UNDESERVED

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