Christ had to pay the BRIDE price coz na you gangan be the BRIDE
Christ had to pay the FINE, abi you sef no see sey you too FINE
Christ had to pay ATTENTION; to your beauty wey dey give man heart A TENSION 
Christ had to pay the PRICE MORE because he knows you're PRICELESS
African beautiful-model-queen
You're the BRIDE that captures Christ's EROS; God's PRIDE without ERRORS
Devil talk sey your ERROR THICK But Christ's EROTIC love cancels THICK ERRORS
Shebi na PHILOS make the Spirit FILL US; now the world dey FEEL US
Between option A and OTHERS, God's love for you is AGAPE 
Before He imagined your PICTURE, he already PICKED YOU
Because God ADMIRES YOU, nothing can ADD MYRRH to YOU 
You're a product of God's MERCY; no Ronaldo can get you MESSY
God's word is the MIRROR; look into it and see that you're BEAUTIFUL 

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