By the time God carve you finish, him sef call you MASTERPIECE 
The way I gbádùn your voice; e be melody for my EARPIECE
I no be MTN voucher but vouch for you with my MOUTHPIECE
With a queen like you, no king can get his HEART PISSED 
Beautiful African Model
Not just about the booty; Your inner beauty fine pass ART PIECE
Not just about figure eight; your aura dey keep man AT PEACE
You make me NAUGHTY upstairs, and downstairs NUTTY like PEAS
You dey totori me to PLEASE; who no like am fit take a PISS
Your marriage no go break like EKPURO; life no go crack am like COWPEAS
But love go rEMAIN iN pOWER; e no go fall yakata like RAIN but rEIGN iN pEACE 
That's why I COME with a little bit of VIOLENCE for who no go let you CUM in PEACE
Make BAD BELLE whey no wan let your mind REST, kukuma do REST IN PEACE 

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