The God of parabola created you with the perfect CURVES 
Front, back, up, down and sideways; you got the perfect STUFFS
You're God's perfected masterpiece; exactly what a real man LOVES
Best of them are your lips when you SMILE; Oh! Such dope CURVES
See as natural simple CURVES dey give man natural complex COUGHS
See as your love dey arrest person like sey e get HANDCUFFS
So freaky hot and SEXY; the kinda SEX SEA man happily SURFS
You got the switch to TURN man ON in a way NEPA can't try their SWITCH OFFS
God has made you the sweet HONEY that makes a real man HORNY
Based on SUGAR whey you be, Na we dey rush you like SUGAR ANTS 
You're an ABLE BAE from Jehovah EBUBE; you're indeed A BOO and BAE
While Man made HOT TEA to tackle weather for two, God made you the HOTTIE 

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