Na baba God dey telegram mi all these legit intel
That's why when I tiktok, even the talk sef is thick
So allow me cap the capsuline enter your brain jotter
Na man-made gods be DONDI; with Christ it's a DONE DEAL
Lion standing with a man praying head bowed
LORD Jesus the LION is HERE; other lords be NYLON make una HEAR
When he said let there be RAIN; that one enter my BRAIN
As a faith fool baller wey no dey kick bucket, I arrange my buckets make dem full
Based on sey God no dey GO on LEAVE; I go chop this life - I GO LIVE life
Any God wey death chop like YAM; no be I AM THAT I AM 
Even HELL SHALL DIE but not my risen ELSHADAI
As death jam this God - e confirm am; sey all other gods na GORDONS 
When others were claiming I GO DIE; only christ claimed I GO SAVE
CHINAZAEKPERE; life no fit chop me like KPEKERE
Him last card no be JOKER; e dey CHECKUP based on GODWIN
I don confamento am; my doubting Thomas don believe
Sey For were king Jesus dey las las every other king na Kingsley
*CHINAZAEKPERE As far as God still answers prayers

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