Men in black pull trigger; we begin shout END SARS
Their senior brothers join; na so we sef GBOHUN SOKE
Contract wey we get with COLGATE; Dem use gun end am for TOLGATE
I'm talking of all the soldiers who no more have rights coz they SOLD THEIRS
Nigeria End sars picture - police brutality
We no dey cap vertical with our ethical voice; our Mathias dey commando
We machala in full force make dem no for lavida our future finish
Our doings flow like Mediterranean sea because na wotowoto we dey run am
Even soldiers wey wan temple run us jam our akanuche plus ruggedity
SORO-SOKE na the chant wey make sentences for our brain-jotter
It's a brand new vibe - new order; we merchandise against the principalities 
We get POWER to fight their darkness even though we no be NEPA
Dem carry gun forget sey no be BY GUN; na we wey no BUY GUN go turn them to BYGONES 
E no get who no go DIE NA; but as our colleagues dey DIANA e choke 
our inner Chester pain us as their souls selense; maximum salama to the fallen giants
water throway for eyes like marina; like Jesus wept no be crocodile tears
Like play like play na Naija wahala don send dem go vahala
Dem dey shoot us no be camera; the film. red - tape bloody
Them thief our JOY SOAP forget sey LUCKS SOAP still dey wey gum body
We dey confirmento the betrayers; wey wan summarize our long story 
But This movement no be ABCD wey get ending; this one na 1-2-3

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