GAME OVER - endgame

Because I no gree kick bucket, life wan kick me like Ronaldo Free kick
I for don kpai comot life balling pitch na, if no be God wey show Mercy
I know sey no be me be KANTE but there are some CHESSY shits I CAN't TAKE
I no be SUCKER again for this SOCCER coz Christ my number one don SETTLE SCORES
Spiritual things and things gum board wey ekuke no go fit understand
Christ the King treats me like Queen; that's why life never checkmate me
So you see, no more CHESSY shits coz I'm no more that PAWN you've been watching
Devil's wrong move was accepting the death of my king; the sacrifice that checkmated the devil
Opolo eyes no fit be open eyes if no be the GOLD eyes wey suppose SIMI
Holy Ghost Baptized; even CECILLIA on GOGGLES no fit GOOGLE SEE me for this Ghost Mode
Me and the Holy Spirit breaking word like PESTLE and MORTA; I turn IMMORTAL
So you see, no be mortal dey knack me the legit intels wey dey set my COMPASS
Na Jesus Christ I MARRY OH; So life no fit use me play SUPER MARIO
E no fit CRUSH me like CANDY again coz Christ's death on the cross was the ENDGAME
My holy GHOST mode dey ONLINE pass MTN; so I GLOW pass GLO everywhere I GO
The EARTH IS ALERT when I breathe in and out because that AIR TELLs of God's love

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